Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Project 3 The Edge of Vision

Left: Aaron Siskind. Gloucester 16 1944, 1944. (The Art Institute of Chicago, The Mary and Leigh Block). Right: Aaron Siskind. Jerome 21 1949, 1949. (The Art Institute of Chicago, Gift of Aaron Siskind)

"We constantly tend to misuse or misunderstand the term reality in relation to photographs.  The photograph itself is the only thing that is real." -Robert Heinecken

The purpose of this project is for you to explore a more abstract, or perhaps non objective view of photography.  At this point, all of our assignments have dealt with documenting some idea of the "self" or something tangible in the world.  For this assignment, I would like you to photograph a series of seven images, where in each image, only 30 percent or less of the image is recognizable as "something".

Think about limiting your focus to certain materials, locations, subject matter.  Try to avoid cliche subjects, I've seen a lot of close ups of flowers in my time as a professor and non of them were memorable.  There is no reason this series can't be as personal to you as the archive or documentary project.  Really show off your camera skills to make images.  

How can you take a series of photos that explore color and texture more than objective documentary?  How can you present a series that looks abstract but professional and by design, not a series of "mistake" shots?  While your photographs will be abstract, I want them to work together as a sequence.  Could your images be abstract but still touch upon subjects as loss, pain, desire, joy, etc? 

when is it due

Thursday 11/8 Exhibit 7 digital works, email to me your Lightroom contact sheet PDF of all the images shot for this assignment (minimum 70)

Barbara Kasten - Studio Construct

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