Thursday, September 7, 2017

Project 3 Narrative

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Basic Summary

You are to create (at least) 1 image (up to 3) that implies a narrative.  You will bring your images to class for critique on Thursday, September 14th.  You will be entering your work to be exhibited at the SPESC Student Photo Exhibit at the Art Center of Waco in October, where your work will be seen by lots of cool people, including class textbook author Charlotte Cotton and the artist above, Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison.  

What do I want you to turn in an how?  

Bring at least 1 but up to 3 images to class next Thursday September 14th.  We will discuss how to prepare them for the exhibition after critique.  

Suggestions and ideas to get started

Use any approach to imaging; image acquisition, digital painting, digital collage, digital photo, scanning, vector imaging, mixed media, or a combination. The method you choose should align with the artistic goals you set.

By imply a narrative, I mean you can choose how literal or open ended you want the narrative to be. Images can only explain so much in terms of storytelling, but remember this is a powerful limitation. Generally the more obvious your narrative is, the less interesting it is. You must consider ever part of your image to offer clues as to the what the setting, conflict, and possible resolution of your narrative is.    I do suggest you pick a narrative that you find has a parallel with a personal narrative you have in your own life.  Your narrative must be original, it may be inspired by past works but not slavishly reproducing them.  

You have 1 image to work with.  Compose it with the greatest amount of intent possible.  Consider you lighting, and placement.  What do we see in the frame, what is hidden?  use a tripod if possible.  Compose your scene like a still life.  

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