Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Project 1 - 1,000 Photos in a Day

Sunsets from Flickr, by Penelope Umbrico

Part 1 - Assignment

This assignment is purposefully created to act as a way to get your shutter finger loose and warmed up for the semester.  You are to take 1,000 photos in one day, as the title suggest.  Here are the rules:

Take a 1,000 photos
All within one day (I'll check the metadata)
Bring the photos to class on Tuesday, Sept. 5th

This assignment can be completed any way you like as long you follow the rules.  If you want to space the photos out to cover a whole day, great.  if you want to take 1,000 photos of one event or scene, great.  You can creatively solve this assignment as long as you take 1,000 photos in a day.  Keep your camera SD card ready.

Part 2 - Quiz (also due Tuesday)

Quiz - fill out the following and send to my email (ireland@tarleton.edu)

1. Name you prefer to be called
2. Email you prefer to use.
3. Camera (s) you will use during the semester
4. What are ten things you like to photograph, or see in photographs
5. What are ten things you don't like to photograph, or see in photographs
6. Go to lensculture find one photographic series that inspires you, and send me the link.  be prepared to discuss it in class.

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