Thursday, September 20, 2018

Semester long Reading Assignment

Over the courses of Arts 3361 we will be reading the essays from The Photograph as Contemporary Art.  I will put a post on the website for each chapter that you are required to write a 150 word minimum response to that includes the following topics in some order.  

Which part from the assigned chapter spoke to your own experience the most?  Summarize the main points of the essay and give a personal anecdote that elaborates on why this article spoke to you the most. Which artist made you think about photography in a new way, or spoke to experiences you may not have been as familiar with?  Which photographer(s) highlighted are you the most interested in?  Again, summarize the article and explain why this essay has reshaped your ideas about photography.  
For an assigned date each semester, you will be required to present your topics to the class for a 5 minute presentation.  You may elaborate on the themes you discussed in your essay and include pictures to be shown to the class.  You must however present on essays included in the chapter that you are listed under.

Each reading response is worth 25 points, your presentation is worth 100 points, totaling a final project worth of 300 points.

(times subject to change)

Chapter 1 - If This is Art (read by 10/2)

10/2 Nicole

Chapter 2 - Once Upon a Time (read by 10/09)

10/9 Amber and Haley

Chapter 3 - Deadpan (read by 10/16)

10/16 Josh

Chapter 4 - Something and Nothing (read by 10/23)

10/23 Andrew and Matthew

Chapter 5 - Intimate Life (read by 10/30)

10/30 Amanda and Sarah

Chapter 6 - Moments in History (read by 11/6)

11/6 Julie and Kadin

Chapter 7 - Revived and Remade (read by 11/15)

11/15 Myjah and Magnolia

Chapter 8 - Physical and Material (read 12/4)

12/4 Marlluvia and Leticia

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