Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tuesday meeting schedule, meet in room 165

Alex 9:20 am
Case 9:30 am
Jacob 9:40 am
Jessica 9:50 am
Julia 10 am
Kaitlin 10:10 am
Katie 10:20 am
Megan 10:30 am
Nikki 10:40 am
Rachel 10:50 am
Olya 11am
Sarah 11:10 am
Shelby 11:20 am
Taylor 11:30 am
Tristen 11:40 am
Zach 11:50 am


  1. To: Professor Ireland
    From: Julia Young
    Subject: Proposal for Final Project
    Date: November 6, 2017

    I am inspired by so many great works of photography. To choose only two is difficult. I narrowed my choices to 4 artists:

    Anne Hoerter - Her series, "Herbarium." Fine Art, Nature, Still Life. These are photographs taken in her studio, under continuous lighting and strobe light, using plants that are intact (with roots) on a black backdrop. Striking. The rich colors of the plants are accentuated by the backdrop.

    Alvaro Alejandro Lopez de la Pena - His series, "Classics, Versions and Diversions." Conceptual. In this series he uses props to tell narratives from the classics. I really like his techniques and ideas.

    Ilra Berrata - Her series, "Corners-An Irving Penn Tribute." Still Life. Vegetables and Fruits photographed in studio using bright continuous lighting with white boards as the back drop. I am going to try this eventually. The colors are so vibrant and striking.

    Marina Ekroos - Her series, "Visual Recipes." Still Life. Photographs of recipes as they are made with the ingredients attractively laid out on colorful tablecloths, showing the viewer the beginning to end of recipes. I love to cook, I am going to do this as well.

    I enjoyed the last project a lot. I feel my Final Project Series to be either and extension of my last work, fruits using the different styles of lighting. This time, I am so inspired by Marina Ekroos work. I will do a series of photographs with the ingredients to recipes laid out with the finished dish at the end.

    References: Lensculture,

  2. Going over my work and looking over the assignments we have done this semester I have to say that I like all of the assignments but get discouraged due to the fact that I do not have a high quality camera. I am very picky with the quality of an image. I love taking photos and one day hope to own a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Until then I will continue to learn how to use a camera and how to take good pictures.

    Erik Almas is one of my top favorite photographers. His work is so "cool" I am still trying to figure out what he does and the steps he takes to produce such images. Just by looking at them those are the photos I want to be able to produce. I want to learn how to do what he does. I f I was able to produce such work my 5 images series would be based off of his work alone.

    For this project my final I want to focus on taking good close up images. I have always liked taking close ups. Seeing if I can get a clear image on an insect that is moving is a challenge alone but whats the fun without a challenge.