Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Final Project

Final Project

Create a series of at least 5 images that are a body of work and will be printed and displayed in an alternative or traditional way. I want you to focus on content first, and then perfect a technique or techniques that you need in order to make these successful images.

The concept of your project can be about whatever you feel is necessary. This artwork should be engaging, original, and push the boundary conceptually, aesthetically, and technically. It should be about something that is important to you, and something that you want to say through your artwork to viewers.

For your final project consider these 3 options. ...

Create a series of works that represents a new idea, or represents a theme related to your senior exhibition.  (Seniors taking Senior Portfolio in the spring must take this option)

or option 2

Create more work based off an idea that you developed in one of the earlier projects.  

or option 3

Develop a series based around a topic from the class text, or another topic we haven't approached in class already.  

Step 1: Proposal

You will need to turn in a one page written proposal for this project, that is due at the end of the day Monday 11/6.  In your proposal I want you to reference two artists whose work you used for inspiration for your idea. You may get your research from the class text, I also recommend Lensculture, or anywhere else you like. I want to meet with each of you the following day to discuss your ideas and your strategy for the final.  I will post a schedule soon.  (50 points)

Step 2: Check ups

We will meet as a class for check up critiques on 11/14, 11/21, 12/5.  You will be required to present your work to class on those days.  I want to see at least 25 images taken each week, that somehow relate to the project.  If you show up, present, and have worked on something relating to your project each week, then you will get 150 points.  On those days I will be doing demos on printing as well.  

Step 3: Final Presentation

Our final will be held Saturday Dec 9th 8-10:30 in the Gallery. Unless we can come up with a better time.  You will hang 5 images of work in the gallery and we will review the work as a class.  Images must be printed and ready before class.  Your final prints will be what I grade.  (300 points)  

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