Monday, September 11, 2017

Iphone Photography Apps


  • Comprehensive set of editing tools to adjust exposure, color and sharpness
  • Customizable filters to quickly change the look and feel of your image
  • Ability to edit selected areas of an image

Beautiful photo filter presets that mimic the look of classic film
Integrated adjustment tools for exposure, color and other enhancements
Built-in camera with manual controls
Ability to share your images with the VSCO photography community

Precise control over manual camera functions, including ISO, shutter speed, white balance and focus
30-second timer option (3 times longer than the usual 10-second timer)
Full set of editing tools for improving exposure, color and clarity
Free filter sets, plus the ability to purchase additional filters

popularly known as Cortex Cam, seems a little bit like magic because it allows you to shoot low light photos without the need for a tripod.This app is perfect for shooting at night, or in very low light situations, because of a special process it uses to minimize digital noise (grain).

Manual camera editor for smartphones, use your own aperture, iso, shutterspeed

Manual - another manual exposure camera app

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